IT DID IT AGAIN (over the course of about three weeks, that is!)

Literati! Many of you tried to access the link to our contest to begin your global literary adventure, only to be found staring at a dancing elephant (or that’s what I think it was doing…I’ll ask later; I’m sure he’ll remember because they remember EVERYTHING!)…I tried everything I could to revive the contest page to no avail…when all the best doctors in the world failed I realized…I needed…a magician…a magician with the capabilities to raise life from the dead and to make miracles of impossibilities to bring back our dearly beloved contest page…and I found him. And his name is…Morgan.

Stop giving me that look that says, “Stef, THAT’S Thorn’s son…”!

The link is fully operational (unlike the Death Stars in Episodes IV and VII! HAHAHAHAHA!!!) SO click away!!!

Also: I’d like to announce that due to the technical difficulties and the complexity of the contest, I am extending the deadline to MARCH 4TH, 2017 AT 11:59PM! Prizes remain to be announced so stay tuned!

Thank you once again to Morgan for getting the link up and going!!! Click the link below for the contest!!!


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