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We are relaunching our site with a brand new contest, and have teamed up with the phenomenal Mary Latham to make it so, as her purpose in life is the same as ours: helping you share your stories.  Mary is on a mission to collect stories of goodness and kindness, some by random acts, and some by intention, and so far she has vagabonded her way through half the States over the last 18 months in pursuit of that goal.  And her act of kindness?  Upon completion of her quest, she will donate her inspirational book where hope is often in short supply:  hospital waiting rooms across the America.  Wanna be part of that?

So, for our contest, give us up to 750 words about an act of generosity, kindness, or self sacrifice that reinforced your faith that the world is populated by good people. 

The first ten people who submit a story will receive one of Mary’s  “More Good” t-shirts from us.  The winner of the contest will receive a plaque, and AWwYP will donate $50 to the charitable cause of their choice.

You story must be received by September 14th.  There will not be a finalist round for this contest, so send us your best first time around. We are not judging based on the profundity of the act you write about;  there is a difference between helping an old woman carry her bag of groceries and donating a kidney to a stranger; the contest will be judged by the staff at AWwYP  based on the creative and persuasive use of language and your skill with dialog, metaphor, and all the usual suspects.

Entry fee is $10 per submission, limit two per person. Paypal to thorn@awordwithyoupress.com, and submit your stories to that address as well as a separate word attachment .  To be eligible for the prize, each author must leave comments on at least three stories. For some writers, the only recognition they may ever receive for their writing is on this site, and your comments may inspire them to continue with their passion.

Further details are available by finding the apercu on the contest drop down menu on the home page.

AWwYP was pleased to host Mary’s stop-over for her weekend in Moscow.  My grand-kids were ready to let the air out her tires to get her to stay!  Wanna host her in your state? Details on her website.

Joy and goodness are contagious…Hope it afflicts you soon!










Here is (forgive me!) something about Mary! Check out her video!






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