On reflection

When it comes to good writing, there’s a lot at steak.

It’s the shape of the thing, we’re so often told. No, not THAT! Well, not always that. Every piece of writing has a form – an author’s Rorschach, if you will. Only sometimes, Like Julie Mark Cohen’s entry here, the lines have minds of their own.



Simply, Seyfert.

“Two of your three final-stage larvae failed to thrive.

— –

First full paragraph:

“Two of your three final-stage larvae failed to thrive. Both girls.” The SeyTTT-ian male clad in a professional pink toga said, batting his long, curly, greying eyelashes as he pointed with his bare arm toward a table in the sterile room used for forensic pathology.

Copyright 2012 by Julie Mark Cohen.

7 thoughts on “On reflection

  1. Michael Stang says:

    Professional pink toga??  I gotta think about that one for a minute.  And you got a guy, a SeyTTT-ian you say, have to take your word on that.  Julie your having too much fun.
    I’d to hear the discription of who old greying eyelashes is breaking the news to…

    • Julie says:

      Lori, Thank you!  As you may recall from several stories with Seyfert in the Saturnalia Laboratory, he, too, wears a professional pink toga.  SeyTTT-ian males prefer pink!

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