OK. On a scale of one to ten? Eli Fang waxes poetically

Second Place Winner
Dozen Roses Contest

Good Evening/morning Fliterati!

The sea-son of love continues to flow. I recall a brief poem:

“My love is like an ocean, that is broken on the shore.

Just when I think, it’s finished…Well, I’m breaking back…for more.”

Elijah Fang noticed a deficit in the number of poems submitted to our contest, and is solving the problem most efishiently.

Just a reminder that since I was unable to perform my manly love duties at A Word with You Press while I endured an asteroid storm for the last ten days I have prudently followed the advice that so many of you offered and extended the contest to February 28th. Same kuhl prizes, same parameters. Write a story 400 to 500 words or a poem up to 300 words about love, but use the prompt “but it was only a rumor”.

Here are the details:


And don’t forget to start asking the love judge what her favorite perfume is or body-wear from Victoria’s Secret


In the meantime, here is what Elijah Fang uncovered in the tide-pools about six hundred miles due west from the towers that are A Word with You Press.

Sirena Gorda

by Elijah Fang

“They said I died in 1996 after breakfast when I walked from the steps of a certain fisherman’s cafe in Zihuatanejo into the sea, but it was just a rumor . . . the truth is, that was when I first began to live.”


You’ll find her in the ocean

Floating atop the sea

Her aqua-love radiates all around her

Frothing white and lavish to the sand


Oh my Sirena Gorda

Oh my Sirena Gorda por favor

Take me by the hand

Lead me beneath your water

Teach me your ways beneath the sea

Where your act of love continues

Long after it is finished

Leaving cold ringlets of blood

Drifting through the water

Dispersing intimacies


I will forget air- it shall have nothing left to offer

I’ll give my right to air away

While you take me through the act


And once you’ve finished drowning me

You’ll take me through the secret canyons

I’ve heard told of beneath the sea

Through the wreak of vessels

Darkly hiding mass

To your lovers’ graveyard

Where sun shines as moonlight


Oh Sirena Gorda

Oh my Sirena Gorda por favor

There you can lay me down

With ancient maritime heroes

And pirates of the sea


There I’ll rock with grace and silence

Taken by deep currents

Watching (not displeased)

As you fall away above me

To find your next amante

To bring below your sea


9 thoughts on “OK. On a scale of one to ten? Eli Fang waxes poetically

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Ah, Elijah, how the siren calls within me to awaken to such a passion, to such a beginning of life fabled by the immortal poets of ancient lore, yet I am mortal and modern. Your poem flows atop and below waves of my imagination, because you have written of timeless desires of those who sail, look out to the magic of the ocean in three dimensions where time and the futile emptiness of man loses is exposed for the lies they are. Let love in adventure discover a new world of beauty and hope. I am very taken and appreciative of your skills as a writer. “Sirena Gorda” is my favorite of your entries that I have read over three contests to date.

  2. elizabeth sloan says:

    I really like the twist of perspective that the epigraph provides. The entire poem has a rolling rhythm (like the sea), and I think about Annabel Lee. Where in the world did King Thorn find that Sirena Gorda painting? Perfecto. The more times I read this, the more I discover. Loverly.

  3. Michael Stang says:

    I have wondered how the prompt would work among the fragile skeletons of poems. Loved the way you dealt with it. As a poemist i am not so much, though i do have favorites and some take me to the highest literary levels. This shanty love, full forgiveness to the sirens, found a home in my salty heart. A core gem we all look for. One I can stow away in my sea chest of treasures. Bravo, Elijah.

  4. Eli Fang says:

    Thank you very much for the reviews. Glad to hear you got some enjoyment from it. By the way, in case it’s got any of you scratching your heads, “wreak” is a typo, should be wreck. . . my bad. Also, by the way, Sirena Gorda is a real cafe in Zihuatanejo – if you’re ever there check it out. It was pretty good, both in terms of food and atmosphere as I recall.

  5. Diane Cresswell says:

    Eli this is spectacular… I love mermaids and of course they are the lure to all sailing men. What a wonderful tribute to their dynamic of enticement. “I will forget air – it shall have nothing left to offer” is truly a statement of love. Having snorkeled while living on the Big Island, I was always amazed at the draw that the ocean can pull out of you. You delivered that flavor very well. Wonderful to read and feel the words float through the heart and body.

  6. Diane Cresswell says:

    Oh and Chief Thorn – great clip. FYI: my sister-in-law who was a mermaid in Florida, actually did the mermaid underwater scenes for Daryl Hannah. Question: where are the other entries – can’t find them or is that one of the glitches on the site? Just asking.

  7. KYLE Katz says:

    Whoa! Always been a big fan of your writings. This makes me want to swim away and be the enchanted one, combing my cold ringlets of blood, waiting for my next volunteer. Happy Valentine Eli. I’ll say it again…Whoa!

  8. Miryam says:

    This piece made me want to takes several deep breathes of fresh air….. Very beautifully written in my humble opinion.

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