of COURSE correction!


Usually within a few days of announcing a new contest, the entries begin backing up outside the Towers, we lower the drawbridge, raise the portcullis, and waive them in.  But it’s a moat point:  entries have been scant for Reigning Cats and Dogs. We are not going to pursue this doggedly if the cat’s got your tongue, and we are withdrawing the contest.  We’ll announce something totally different by the end of the month, before his Moiness (that would be moi) crosses the pond in search of real estate should November elections yield an unacceptable outcome.  

Thanks to all (one) of you who submitted an entry: we’ll send all (one) of you a gift card to Starbucks if you will send your physical address. Let is know if you’d like to share your composition on line anyway, and we will be happy to comply.

Send suggestions for a prompt that will inspire to thorn@awordwithyoupress.com.

Our next contest will be a real cliff-hanger!

7 thoughts on “of COURSE correction!

  1. Mike Casper says:

    “He’s dead, Frank.” Hammy, my pet miniature pig and the ringleader of our crew, flicked a pink ear in the direction of the bathroom. “Open the door.”

    So much for my foray into porcine madness. Sigh.

  2. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    I didn’t enter because I have no dog to speak (or write) of. We had an ocicat that thought she was a dog, but years in purr-pet-ual therapy made things worse. She took on multiple pet-alities, all of them viciously wild. In the end we had to ship her out to the Sahara where she tried to pass herself off as a dwarf camel. It didn’t work. A Bedouin robbed her water canteen and left her to die in the desert. They say a menagerie of her animal sounds can still be heard in the sirocchi that sweep the hot lands. For me and my Sharon that imbalanced feline will always be the dog we never had (and the monkey, hyena, rattler, elephant, parrot…).

  3. Wendy Joseph says:

    I think the contest should go on. Surely there are more people whose lives have been affected by a critter or two. Maybe broadening the field to include other kinds of animal stories, such as writing from the point of view of a bear attacking a human? How about a prompt in the line of “If Animals Could Talk: My life As A Bomb Sniffing Dog/Therapy Animal/Calf to Be Slaughtered for Veal/Abused Boa Constrictor etc?

  4. Tiffany V says:

    As the resident gravitas carrier at the Towers, I would like to mention that my dog ate my submission! But I also want to say thank you to the special people who make the towers shake and shimmy the way that is does/they do!

    Also, what about a political haiku contest? Tis the year for it!

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