Now THAT didn’t take long!


I asked, and you delivered.  Not up four hours and already we have our first of six finalists writing to the prompt “All I want for Christmas is my——”

Won’t reveal who the author is til all entries are in, and Mike Stang has picked a winner.


                                    Winter Jasmine


“Just take all of them,” I said, shoving my presents at my cousins. “All I want for Christmas is my Grandma back.” I ran into my grandmother’s neglected garden.

When I reached the wall, I threw the vines over my body to stay warm; they circled me like my mother’s embrace. My tears fed the dying vines and my choked sobs became smoky white wisps in the December air.

“I miss you, Nana,” I whispered. “I wish you were with me.”

When I pulled a vine closer to my face, the first blossom kissed me with its newly opening petals.




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