New Blog – You Axed for it…

I floated the idea around here a few weeks back that I was thinking about blogging the Grandma, Sparky, and Me stories and got a lot of encouragement to do it. So….the blog’s live now.

I’ll be posting stories every few days so if you’re going to follow the blog, you need to subscribe so you won’t get left behind.

And! Setting up a WordPress blog isn’t as easy as they say it is. I have a WHOLE new appreciation for Diana who runs the tech side of AWwYP.

So, I’ve been up all night but first story is up, pictures are up, and comments section is ready for your words.

Read, enjoy and know that I’m going to bed now and forget all about WordPress………



3 thoughts on “New Blog – You Axed for it…

  1. 1948pdobbs says:

    This is going to be so much fun and something to look forward to. They have some “mean” women in Texas! You must have been listening to “your boys” instead of the brain God gave ya when you married into that family. But it sounds like your side of the family, Grandma. could give as good as she got. By the way was she a Clark or on your mother’s side of the family?
    Keep it coming. Blessings, pd

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