Natural born thrillers


Hi all.  I was recently stranded in the North Pole and unable to access my computer and post your stories which are clogging up the arteries that are the towers know as A Word with You Press.  My thanks to Diana, Gary, and the Brit (that would be derelict–oops! Derek) for providing you guys fodder till I could get back to my duties.

The Third Annual Victor Villasenor First Sentence Contest continues.

Here is another entry from Terrie Leigh Relf called “Whatworks”  Or something like that.



by Terrie Leigh Relf

“I don’t know what to do with my life now that I’m out,” Mike said, eyes averted while he studied his palms.

“What do you like to do? What are you good at?” I asked the obvious questions, hoping to get him talking. He turned toward me, grinned. “Killing people.”



Remember folks, you are judged only by the first sentence. Add another paragraph or two to give it context if you like. Check out the rules from the menu bar.  You have until Dec 31rst

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