My Violin of an Armpit

Music is sexy. My body is music. God help me play it long and strong!!! ...down Thorn.


My violin of an armpit
I play across it sometimes
With the bow of a razor blade
Or sometimes
Pizzicato tickles from the fingertips of my love
Or the warm water of my shower
My violin of an armpit
Carnal are my curves
When I turn my head just right
Chinrest becomes my shoulder
I play the body of my body
Preludes via prescreens
Stinger strikes of pain
Scars like harmonics
The string of my soul
The orchestra of my aroma
Shifting and turning like movements
A symphony

4 thoughts on “My Violin of an Armpit

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    The violin has strings tuned to G below middle C, D above middle C, A and E above high C. This poem is plucked, “Pizzicato”,on the A string alone with the bow hair touching this string releasing sensual and erotic, gut impressions, leaving the author’s visceral process and purpose of creating “My Violin of an Armpit” beneath the surface.

    • Parisianne Modert says:

      Respectfully meant: Given the cadence and powerful sense of the song rhythm of your voice Tiffany, I would suggest that an audio book would be and an excellent addition or stand alone to the paperback book edition to be launched this week. I treasure the audio recordings I have of Sylvia Plath reading her poetry. She believed that some poetry needed to be so read for the audience to get the full nuisuances and intentions of the author. I believe your poem is so suited to be recorded and released.

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