Merge Ahead!!! KDP Print Vs. CreateSpace


This blog is going to be pretty short next to the long-winded literary joy rides I’ve been on lately!

So most of the stuff I’ve written so far is just me musing and asking you guys to chip in with your thoughts. That is part of my job here at AWWYP. But there is another part of my job here as your associate editor: bringing you guys articles to read that will help you navigate the business part of writing. Like most artists, the thought of having to do business stuff (i.e. tracking sales, deciding how much to price our work, finding agents, etc.) kills my vibe, broooooo (no that’s not the coffee talking I swear…HEY I’M NOT DONE DRINKING THAT!).

Unfortunately, if we plan on making those millions upon millions with our writing (wait, my good looks aren’t good enough?! What do you mean I should have become a model and not a writer?!), it is intrinsic to our survival that we at least understand, if not full on master, these areas. We can’t expect our work to magically appear from thin air; we know this because we had to sit down and write them first. If we understand the process and our options, our chances of succeeding will multiply.

Now most of us have looked into the option of self-publishing on places like Amazon. It may depend on what it is you’re writing or what kind of audience you’re looking to tap into, but if you have decided that self-publishing is your best option, then this article by David Wogahn is important for you to read. Without taking the spotlight from David (trust me, you don’t want my expert opinion on this because I’m NOT an expert), David goes into details about the merger between CreateSpace and KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and what that means for us writers that decide to utilize it. As with any important matter–whether it’s about our future as writers or any other aspect of our lives–never dive into a major decision without weighing ALL of your options first. Make sure you know what exactly it is you want to accomplish with your writing and whatever you decide to do going forward, make sure that’s what’s going to help make it happen.

Without further ado, here is David’s informative blog post:

KDP Print Options: How to Choose and Converting from CreateSpace-2018

If you like David’s article, be sure to check out the rest of his posts for more information on how to be smart about your marketing and publishing options!

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