Me and Snowden

Red Square--on a snowless day


As hinted, I am now in Moscow.  The authorities have been reluctant to grant me computer access because of all that to-do with my fellow countryman, but I am resourceful fellow and pointed out that my gravitas was gaining weight. For those of you new to our site, the mission statement here has always been “Putting Gravitas on a Lo-Carb Diet.”

The towers that were A Word with You Press have collapsed in Oceanside–a strategic move because with global warming and all I expected to be as underwater as a million mortgage holders in Southern California.  Foresight. Higher ground.

We have endured a number of setbacks over the years–site hacked with half our content lost, going off line because of the insistence of at+t that I pay my bill, and the editor-in-chief going awol to joust windmills.

But we endured, and even when I was missing in traction the rest of you fed the beast and kept the site going, not only our staff of Gary, Diana and Derek, but the rest of the regular contributors.  But bear in mind (or bare in mind, if you prefer) that while the administrators are all professional writers, the site was not a business, but a passion.  You can’t fire any of us because everything we have done we have done for free, and for pleasure, though granted, there was always the hope that someone from the site would buy our books or want to publish with us, or use our editorial services.  Yet I can’t recall a single client for editorial work who came to me from our site. So please temper your annoyance with me knowing that the part I played in the creation of this site was done with love.

A Word with You Press will never die. I can operate from the road, but it looks like I will establish a real-world address here in Moscow. I was invited by my friends Bruce and Lisa whom I knew from my Singapore days and working in Borneo together. They are helping me get my footing in this strange new land, and on day one I was able to get a job in a European cabinet shop.  I am going to try to engineer things so that I work only three days a week, which will give me enough regular rubles to invest once again the time to get the Phoenix off its ash. The paradox is that by collapsing in Oceanside I am convinced that I can succeed in Moscow, and make our site more vital in the months and years to come.  A little change of m/o coming, but more on that later.

First order of business is to provide closure to the contest that concluded a few days before I departed, Wingnuts. Traditionally the judge leaves comments regarding each story and what the winner used to bribe the judge. Logistics did not quite permit that to go as usual.  So please be tolerant.  This is the first time I have been able to access the site to post this.  A full detail of the stories will come, and I know I diffuse the ending by telling you my choice to take Horace, the trophy, home was Eli Fang. I left his plaque to be engraved in Oceanside before I left, and I believe he will be picking it up this week.

Book tour likely to start in San Diego the end of September and move North.  I still hope to meet as many of you as I can.

I also want to comment that everyone’s response to the passing of Peggy Dobbs makes me grateful to live in an age that allows us to connect, genuinely and passionately, to our fellow creatures. And it makes me grateful to all of you for the shared creation of A Word with You Press.




23 thoughts on “Me and Snowden

  1. Glclark says:

    I only remember a couple of things from the Harry Potter series but the one thing that comes to mind now is when Dumbledore told Harry that the Phoenix MUST renew itself and that’s a pretty cool message. It seems like every time AWwYP rises from the ashes it is better than it was before and I can’t wait to find out how good it’s gonna be this time.

  2. Sheri Strobaugh says:

    Editor in Chief. I look forward to many more adventures! Thanks for making us all feel a little better about our writing! XO

  3. Sheri Strobaugh says:

    You know me Thorn. I only speak the truth. You have opened up pathways and confidences in more people than you realize. I am blessed to be a part of this group and very thankful. Love ya pal.

    • Thornton Sully says:

      Ahhh Sheri…I am gonna come see you when i have abs of steel and a fortune in rubles for the sole purpose of giving your husband cause to be jealous. You look hot standing alone in the woods there little girl. You’ve got quite a perastroyska!

      • Sheri Strobaugh says:

        Oh such the flirt, nipping on vodka whilst pumping weights…I have to confess, I have never heard of perastroyska…..but thanks!

  4. Salvatore Buttaci says:

    I was in Moscow once and I must say those Reds made my stay anything but pleasant. They grilled me under those hot lights and one of them named Feodore kept beating me with a lead fife. Be careful there, Thorn. They’re going to insist you sign a confession and then kiss the hand of the slumbering Lenin. Well, I’ve got news for them: It’s not Lenin. It’s a play dough masterpiece of Ivan Getuffsky, one of Russia’s old-guard elite. Be careful, my friend. Have no words with the Russian press.

  5. Kenneth Weene says:

    Americanski, do not drone on to long, or you will end in Siberia. (Anton C) [found on bathroom wall at the Kremlin]

  6. Diane Cresswell says:

    at least you and Snowden can carry on with the telling of stories while downing the vodka between chapters or each page. Ought to some rip roaring reading when and if it gets published. ash be good, ash be right…ash be careful in Russian twilight…who knows what evil lurks…the ashshadow do…

  7. Tiffany Monique says:

    I love the moving on, while remaining still happily at home. And to think, the last thing I saw the night you left was a bunch of zombies that look like you, Billy, and some other folks. Was I dreaming? Please tell stories of not here, until you get back here. Travel on my fellow wanderluster!

  8. Foliage says:

    A literati whose name rhymes with horn,
    Took a trip leaving friends quite forlorn
    Being birds of a feather
    We shared time together
    Our thoughts now begin with Dear Thorn.

    Cheers! ))_^^(( Jacquie Schmall

  9. Parisianne Modert says:

    May we suffer as much sorrow as drops of wine we are about to leave in our glasses!
    Russian: Давайте выпьем за то, чтобы мы испытали столько горя, сколько капель вина останется в наших бокалах! Yes, I stole that from a website, but so what comrades. Does a bear ask permission before eating you? Nat! While I’m offending all of you at once, I wanted to add that I saw a one wing raven a few days ago whose friends did not eat him or tear him apart. Actually the right winged only rvaven looked happy as he hopped around in a most strange way goobling up Carl’s Jr. bread crumbs. Is that spoiled mama bear stew mixed with rotted barracuda brigade bisque? To quote my ideal next President of the USA, “You bettcha!” That’s me Putin it all on the line in Moscow, but then again I can see Vladimir from my backyard.

  10. Howard Miller says:

    Mr Sully,

    Thank you so much for intro to writing with that bohemian astrocatic aristocratic flair. I am in mourning for the towers in which I recited my first poem that wasn’t a filthy limerick, EVER!!

    It was a wonderful experience. I never knew there was that many people that was as crazy as I am! Of course I do not get out much…these chains are hard to break! And without the Towers…I do not have that visceral strength from excitement I got from going to Tremont street. OK, That’s a bit too much……I will miss it all!
    The Hunchhead of Carlsbad: Quasimojo

  11. barbkeeling says:

    May the new earth location create passions and joy of a new frolic. Thank you for your positive input of my splattering. It encouraged my “quick quote quill” to march on. barbkeeling

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