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I have conducted over 150 writers’ workshops and webinars over the years and will continue to do so.

Webinars will always be free to all my editing and publishing clients, past or present, and to all people who purchased my online course “Tell it Like it Is: How to write your novel with Purpose and Passion”  The webinars will expand on tutorials in the online course, which consists of 50 diverse sessions based on all the usual suspects, but also including my unique (some say unorthodox, rogue) observations and perceptions.  Concurrently, you’ll get a tour of the world I inhabit. This video is a bit outdated and the format for future videos has morphed into the current iteration of 50 lessons, but you’ll get the idea:

The format for the lessons is structured differently; the inquisitive can email me with a request for a random sample.

Starting in October, attending your first webinar is free for everyone, and afterwards, those who wish to continue to up their game can alert me of their intent and I will send an invoice through Paypal for a modest $50 or €50  to give you access to all webinars scheduled at intervals ranging from 3 to 6 weeks ad infinitum


My online course will be available by the end of the month for $149.95 or €149 and will be delivered directly to your inbox. It will also be made available on venues such as Udemy or Freshlearn at rates established by those platforms.

Presale is discounted by 50% if purchased by September 30th, and the first 25 sessions will be delivered by email upon payment, the remainder by October 5th. Send your request to

All editing clients will receive all lessons in the course delivered to their inbox for free.  No further action is needed.

Why attend?

The funny thing about working with Thorn is that I can’t exactly say what he does that helps me. I usually start out not agreeing with his suggestions, only to end up following them. Maybe it’s the very act of resisting his ideas that serves as an exercise in clarification. After all, more times than not, this exercise leads me to see the wisdom of his direction. Perhaps it’s Thorn’s practical wisdom on the art and craft of writing. I’m still not sure. All I know is I’ve become a better writer since working with Thorn.     Mark Cohen, attorney at law


What’s your story?

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