Good morning all, you who I affectionately and playfully refer to as my Literati

What an incredible expression of love and trust Miryam Meier-Howard has bestowed upon us this morning, with her entry into our contest, whose finalist prompt is This changes everything. We have created a community that allows us to reveal the self that dwells beneath a loosely stitched fabric of words we call fiction.

But Miryam is offering something far more direct today. Isn’t the true purpose of all writing to bond us to our fellow creatures? To give us the sense that the solitary act of writing serves a broader, communal purpose?  We are not alone.

Here is Miryam’s story


As expected for October in the Northwest, the wind had turned to an icy chill, and began to weave its draft into crevasses of our lives. The trees, transformed into skeletal arms and legs, stretched out to the sun for the last morsels of warmth. Our parsonage home was like a microchip compared to the massiveness of Mount Rainier, which loomed directly above us.

On this late evening, my husband Brian and I were talking over a cup of chamomile tea in his upstairs office. When the phone rang, I assumed our conversation was over, as whomever calls at this hour usually had something urgent to discuss with the Rabbi. I had learned how to be interrupted, and pick up where we had left off —sometimes days later.

Brian was silent for some time as he listened to the caller. Then he stood up from his chair, with his back to me as he held the receiver to his ear.

Interspersed words sliced into my being,

“Aaron. Accident. Thrown from car. Head.”

Placing the phone down, an anguished cry erupted, “Nooooooo!”

As he turned around, his expression transcended words.

I knew.

Our son.

Our son was dead.

My mind began to race, unable to form thoughts. My breath suddenly could not be found. I cried out to my Gd,

“I can’t do this Father. Send me Your Strength!”

My heart was to realize; this changes everything I held dear.

Oh, but for just a small morsel…..

In Loving Memory of Aaron Michael

April 1976 – October 2001



19 thoughts on “Love

  1. Michael Stang says:

    To give life only to have it taken surely sends one to the edge of the abyss.  Weaker souls  would face two tragedies, the loss of a son and the destruction of the rest of their lives.  What I have learned to love about the two of you tells me this is not the case.  A purity of faith, joyous commitment, and good old fashion humanity, lifts you from the fog others would mire.  God Bless.
    As to the writing.  Thank you for sharing a most private time with such eloquence and grace.  You, Miryam, are amazing.

    • Miryam says:

       Dear Mr. Stang, Thank you for receiving my story in a way that makes it a comfort to have written it. I’m blessed to share pages with you in life.

  2. Mac Eagan says:

    Beautifully written, Miryam.  You nicely tie the end back to the beginning, giving us a complete, albeit saddening, package.
    Thank you for sharing, and for your ability to turn such a tragic event into something so touching.

  3. KYLE says:

    Your beautifully, documented, words , thoughts, mist of loss, where the moisture from our eyes never stop– from such an unimaginable pain, reaching out to God– for the sinking into darkness could have been a relief. Through your faith and your love for family. That strength you called for… has answered. You teach us that it is there for all who REACH. Thanks for sharing this impactful piece of writing!

    • Miryam says:

       Dearest Kyle… your words make me see so much more than when I wrote this piece. I am humbled by your comments. Thank you so much.

  4. Miryam says:

    I feel honored to have such a supportive and sensitive group of co-writers in my life such as my AWWYP family. Thanks T for an amazing intro… I honestly had no idea I was going to write of my experience when I sat down at the keyboard just a few hours before submitting. It must have just been time…. This entry had nothing to do with a contest for me. It tapped a part of my healing that I didn’t know was there. This hasn’t been something that I have ever chosen to share in writing before… I am enormously thankful for your comments. You have all been so gracious.

    • Stars Fall On My Heart says:


      Brian and you have spent a great deal of your life helping others.I think this was definitely a moment where you needed to turn inward and give yourself the loving attention you bring to others <3

      • Miryam says:

         Yes my adopted daughter Stefanie, you are right….I’ll do more introspection. Maybe there is something in there that needs to be scribed….??

  5. Diane Cresswell says:

    Having participated with Death on the loss of those close to me…I can walk with you in this pain.  Interesting that Thorn used these words for the finalists.  And I know that there is no such thing as coincidence.  Everything changes except for one amazing truth…love is.  Whatever happens in our lives this is the only thing that does not change or get altered – even from the other side.  I have the gift to be able to talk with those on the other side of the curtain and this i tell you – love does not die either.  It is always there with us, only our minds perceive death as a separation but love does not.  Blessings Miryam for the words you bring to us and the life that continues within them.

    • Miryam says:

       Yes, I agree, love is a constant… sometimes mixed with pain, but it is always alive. Thank you for your most lovely words Diane.

  6. khart says:

    Miryam, Anyone who has lost someone they loved, would be moved to that moment as your words quickly brought me to yours.I wish you were able to write the rest of the story as I know it has been quit a story the Lrd has led you after Aaron death. I am not a professional critic but I loved how you wrote this short story. Blessings my friend,Karen

    • Miryam says:

       Thanks for your kind words Karen… I have thoughts to write more. I think this was just the beginning. Appreciate your prayers.

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