Love is a many-gendered thing…Happy Valentine’s Day

(here the editor-in-chief, seated right, gives a writing assignment to Ernest Hemingway as the staff looks on with approval)

Good Morning Literati from the snow-covered towers that are A Word with You Press in Moscow.

Valentine’s Day is a tent in the field in which the generals of the culture wars lay down their insanity for a moment, open a bottle of cognac, smoke a cigar and discuss mutual surrender.  It may pass by tomorrow, February 15th, but how wonderful to think that who you love is nobody’s business but your own. Even more wonderful to believe that your union brings joy to the world.

This contest is an invitation for you to express and share that love with the world. We have extended the deadline to February 28th, because not all slings and arrows originate from Cupid’s bow, and the editor-in-chief (moi) has been dodging a few barbs lately.  Nothing can penetrate the towers but good will, and we are still here!

I am fortunate to have loved and been loved in return. It always seems to be a work in progress. Love is not static:

My love is like an ocean

that is broken on the shore;

just when I think it’s finished

I’m breaking back…for more.

And let’s not forget the love we have all kindled on this site. It is demonstrated time and again on this site through your words to each other, and in abundance. Your love sustains me.

If you have not yet entered our contest, here is the link with the rules.  I wonder if I could ask each of you to recruit just one writer to join us?


4 thoughts on “Love is a many-gendered thing…Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    On this Valentine’s Day 2014, the emotions flutter as a heart new in love with life. Thank you for such a beautiful contest centered around what love can be and how love plays out its drama and trauma upon mortals in this multi-gendered world. Writing from direct experience I believe I am very qualified to appreciate the term “multi-gendered” on this day of splendor.

    • Parisianne Modert says:

      “Dancing cheek to cheek” means something to me which I will not share in detail for fear of getting a lifetime ban from decent society. I prefer to remain in the heavenly company of writers too much to be cheeky with all of you. Let’s just say that I started out looking like Fred and wished I had ended up looking like Ginger with the in-between leaving me rather tender.

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