Letter from the Editor

Welcome to another edition of “Every So Often”, the missive sent to you from the Towers that are A Word with You Press in Prague.

Paraphrasing Santiago, Hemingway’s undaunted Cuban fisherman, “A project can be destroyed, but not defeated”.

So it is with I, too, sing America. a project I have sporadically nurtured since the murder of George Floyd: a series of anthologies each co-authored by ten marginalized populations suffering from the plethora of “isms” and phobias that metastasize even in the strong sunlight of public discourse. The travesties continue against people of color, LGBTQ, incarcerated Americans, Homeless Vets, and so on. I wanted to put printed anthologies into the hands of those disenfranchised communities, offering solidarity, and at the same time, offer enlightenment to those who are only tangentially aware of what their fellow creatures endure. My final gambit was to invest money I earn as an editor to pay a professional grant writer to find the money to move the project forward.

Alas, I just received another rejection from a potential funder, and I can no longer devote my energies and resources to this all-important project. I have to let it go.

Thank you to everyone who rooted for it and even kicked in a few dollars to see it succeed. I am grateful that you acted upon our shared vision.

On the upside, we know where the grapes of wrath are stored.

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