Apathy is brutal–here is your personal invitation to action


What we are seeing on the streets from Portland to Park Avenue are the labor pains of a new dawn in America, of equity, inclusion, and diversity. Let’s birth this baby!  Today we start garnering your stories and funds for our newest antholgy:

Essential Americans:

the Stories that can no longer be Ignored

We need your dollars and story submissions from every community impacted by our chronic history of oppression—whether systemic, overt or unintended.

Reaching our goal of $4,500 will cover most our print and production costs of our first anthology in this series, and to power up the megaphone to reach the largest possible audience while America is still paying attention.

But we need more than money–we need your love, enthusiam and effort! Donate to our gofundme campaign


and get two friends to do the same. Regardless of the amount you donate, in the back of our printed anthologies we’ll add your name and a word of thanks for doing your part, and we’ll send you a copy of Essential Americans: the Stories that can no longer be Ignored.

Send us your story.

Our first collection of your stories, poems and essays will focus on the litany of injustices that have bludgeoned our senses since the killing of George Floyd, our collective wake-up call.

How has all this made you feel?  What is it in your own history that the turmoil in the streets evokes?  What are you doing to fight for truth, justice, and the American way?

Apathy is brutal.

Send us your story.

Are you a victim/survivor of our chronic inequities and systemic injustice?  A perpetrator?  A passive bystander?

Send us your story.

Subsequent anthologies will focus on the unique perspectives of each  community within the American family still waiting for a seat at the table: you know who they are; you know who you are.

Send us your story. Apathy is brutal.

Submissions should be addressed to thorn@awordwithyoupress.com, be double spaced, Times New Roman, under 1,000 words. All authors we select for publication will receive a $25 thank you through Paypal and one of the  500 hardcopies we will publish. By sending your submission you are giving us the right to publish on-line and one-time in hard copy, after which all rights revert back to the author. All authors we publish will receive a $25 thank you through Paypal.

We need your help to accomplish great things.  As Leonard Cohen so poignantly confesses, “I can’t move this thing, alone.” If not you…who?  If not now…when?

Help us move this thing. Oh…and save the world!   I personally want to thank those in our circle of volunteers who co-created and shaped this video: Ed Coonce, Tamara Weitzel, Kristy Webster, Petr Rogle, Tiffany Valkilian, and Christen Gee Celaya, Derek Thompson and Ben Angel.

Apathy is brutal. Inaction is devastating.


Thank you.

Thornton Sully.


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