The time to hesitate is through!


I am pleased to announce (Hell!  I am f**king ecstatic!) A Word with You Press has found a new home in Prague, at the fabulous co-working space Locus.  The facilities are stunning! Czech it out!

Mathias, the owner, Eva, his office manager, and Sonya, herself a host of writing workshops have made us feel so-o-o-o welcome.

I believe in the power and beauty of the written word. I believe that by writing our stories skillfully, with honesty and artistry, we serve our basic human need to connect to one another. Join us, if you feel the same.

I will host the first of regularly scheduled workshops/writers’ meetups on Saturday, June 12th, at 7:00 pm. Come and connect with kindred spirits. It’s free to Locus subscribers (a quite reasonable 3,000 ckz for six months—that’s about $25 usd a month).  Non-members are invited and pay only a modest facilities fee of 100 karuna (about 5 bucks), and that even gets you unlimited coffee or tea!

And it’s potluck!  Bring a dish or snacks to share, and a bottle of wine if you like.  Wine glasses in their kitchen have been thirsting for fermented grapes all covid-winter-long! OH…did I mention a raffle?

Sessions will be structured.  After getting caught up and loosened up and making new connections, we’ll start promptly at 7:45. We’ll wrap up about 10:00, with a brief discussion about what you find to be the best schedule for meetings, and what you would like most to get from the sessions.

What makes a good story? Please bring in the first page of your completed or work-in-progress novel or short story.  Don’t have anything yet?  Bring in a favorite novel, and we’ll read the first paragraph.  Our discussions are NOT a critique of your work but a sharing of insights about what makes one beginning an invitation to yawn and another the start of a sleepless night because you can’t stop turning pages.

We expect a modest turnout but that the numbers will swell over the summer as the word gets out. We’ll be reaching out to not only fiction writers, but poets and essayists, musicians and videographers, dancers and visual artists who have all been hibernating this past year and are ready to save the world! Please join us, share the invitation on FB and invite current or former lovers and friends!

Near the JZP metro: Slezská 857/45, 130 00 Vinohrady, 7:00 pm Saturday June 12th

The key to good writing is in my hands!

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