Last of my free writing tutorials

Hello from my home in the Czech Republic.

I invite you personally to the last of my free writing tutorials on Friday, September 29, 6:00 p.m. Central European Standard Time (aka GMT +2).

Blue, Purple… or Beige? What color is your manuscript?

Learn to evaluate in editorial terms just what those colors imply, and let’s transform melodrama to drama.

Here’s your link:



Starting in October, my webinars (a new topic about every six weeks) will remain free of charge only to current or past paid editing clients or those who have purchased my online course of 50 Topics, consisting of 50 Sessions to guide you to write your novel or memoir with purpose and passion.  The launch is overdue, but only because I kept discovering more that needed to be included. Those who pre-ordered have received 30 sessions in their inbox and will soon receive the balance. The course will also be available through platforms such as Udemy or Freshlearn for $149.95 in early October.  Purchase before my Friday webinar and the pre-launch price is just $75.  No questions asked money-back guarantee.

As the program manager of Pen in the Classroom, it is my pleasure to endorse Thornton Sully as a capable and inspiring creative writing instructor. His engaging teaching style and unique lesson plans helped draw stories out of our students and convinced them that they were talented, innovative storytellers. Thorn’s students produced an anthology of truly compelling stories. I am happy to endorse any endeavor that Thorn germinates to help people discover their unique, creative voices and provide them with the tools they need to exercise their freedom of expression. 

Heather Simons

Project Manager, Pen in the Classroom, Beverly Hills

Here is a free sample of what to expect:


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