Kristy Webster’s GoFundMe raffle winner!







Just when you thought your evening was over – Literati! I have more news!

Those special persons who made donations to Kristy Webster’s GoFundMe Campaign were given various tickets amounts (depending on donations) for a special raffle to win video productions services from our fellow friend of the pun Billy Holder, based on how much they donated to Kristy’s campaign:
$10 donation increment = 1 ticket
$50 donation = 5 tickets + 5 tickets
$110 donation = 21 tickets
If you bought Tiffany Vakilian’s Ugly Drawers, Pretty Panties on Amazon and posted a review on Amazon before the 29th, that rated 1 ticket as well.

Well the rafflecopter landed, bestowing the name of our raffle drawing at the Book Launch, I mean Towers!

Please raise your glass and congratulate the winner of the raffle – Afrose Ahmed!

Many congratulations to the winner, and many many thanks to the campaign donors.

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