Kristy Webster

Good evening from the towers that are A Word with You Impress.

Kristy Webster was good enough–at my request–to send a photo of her certificate proving two things:  First, she won $500 in our last monied contest, and two: we really DO pay out the award money and I do not create fictitious names and award it to myself!

Our current contest also has about $500 in prizes, but it is not a winner-take-all. For rules and a list of prizes, check out:

You might also want to check out Kristy’s website.!

She is a multi-talented woman,  and I have had the privilege of reading her novella “Coco”, which I highly recommend to you all.



9 thoughts on “Kristy Webster

  1. Granny says:

    Honey, you got anybody sayin’ you don’t run a reputable site here, just send ’em on down here. That idiot grandson of mine and his friend, Catlow is gonna be cuttin’ some bulls here in a few days. They’ll be glad to round up the skeptics and run ’em into the trap. That’ll change their tone fer sure.

    • Thorn says:

      I read the book. Very mush thought of The House of Spirits when I read it. The story engages, and in the narrative is mush wisdom. I wish WE had published it…

  2. Parisianne Modert says:

    You can find the fuller list of Prologues within “Once Upon A Time” by going to Departments and then All Blog Posts on the pull down menu. Not all the Prologues are listed under Contests and then Current Contests then Once Upon A Time Entries including mine.

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