Kristy Webster scratches to release the dragon beneath the surface

The Visitors

by Kristy Webster

At church I struggled to pay attention. In poems, I slid my fingers through the onyx locks of Christ himself. Banshees begged to be drawn in the pages of His Word. This thing, Art, wanted me. Bad. How did I explain this to a Father who only read the Good Book?

Dogma worked its parasites deep inside my bones. I took blades to my forearms, my legs, watched the skin separate and the red beads of blood blossom.

Beneath the surface, there she was: untamed and untamable, Wolf girl, maybe even Dragon girl. I let her out only a little bit at a time in moments of secret solitude: my bedroom closet, the bathtub, the roof of my father’s work-shed. There I would say as I pressed down the razor, Breathe while you can, breath deep because who knows when you’ll get this chance again.

One night I dreamt that spirit children tapped on the glass and helped me crawl out of my bedroom window. It was dawn, the morning oozed through a filter of milky blue. The spirits asked me to dance and when I said I didn’t know how, they took me by the hand and led me through tall waves of turquoise grass. We swayed to the rhythm of the field, we embodied the vibration of the moon, and sung the sun anew. The spirits promised me they were not just a dream, but visitors who made themselves known to me the only way they could.

When I awoke to spend another lonely day at school, the center of my palms pulsed and tingled. I still felt their enchanted touch.

And though I was still very much alone, a sad, trapped child, I knew to believe in my dream. I knew someday I would be a visitor, too.


Editors note (that would still be moi): The Visitors is not considered part of the competition, as even His Moiness sees a conflict of interest.  So, please save your votes for other entries.

Getting closer to going to press!
Getting closer to going to press!


We are almost halfway there to getting our costs covered to publish The Gift of an Imaginary Girl.  Kristy will sign and send a copy to everyone who donates, and everyone who donates by August 28th will be eligible for a drawing to have Billy Holder create a video of your own to promote your book or your cause. Here is the link to be one of Kristy’s sponsors: Kristy’s crowdfunding campaign


9 thoughts on “Kristy Webster scratches to release the dragon beneath the surface

  1. Laura G says:

    “This thing. Art. Wanted me. Bad.”Yes, it does, Kristy! It wants you, you will help the world by continuing on this path! You are already an angel visitor like the children who came through the window, bringing light to others with your honesty and growth. And of course the way you say it: poetic, literary and educated, yet raw and real, encouraging us to be ourselves.

    I hope that the visitation led you on the new path, from hurting yourself to helping yourself, accepting help from others. Your writing gave me courage to later share my own visitations from protective guardians in future work. And I agree…The Good Book seems irrelevant. You are writing your own Good Book!

  2. Parisianne Modert says:

    If you wish to find how beautiful, lyrical poetic words and inner weavings can be written look no further than Kristy Webster, because in her story above you have arrived at perfection. Be a visitor, but stay awhile, read this over and over. Here is the good book writing which you can support by donating to be part of her being published once again. Kristy is the church of natural and supernatural goodness freeing the human spirit within us. There is a dream. Please keep it alive by donating generously.

  3. Michael Stang says:

    After reading this, I imagine the storm at your website, the flurry of donations, the victory dance. Cannot wait.
    This is wonderful!

    • thorn says:

      Kristy seems to do this so effortlessly. Wish this resulted in a flurry of donations, but disappointed to say that only four or five of the supporters to get Kristy published (yourself included) have come from visitors to our site. We’re not even halfway to getting our costs covered and we will need to go to press in then days. But I do think everyone who reads her work agrees with me and the staff here; Kristy is a genius. We’ll do our damnedest to get her in print.

  4. Sheri Strobaugh says:

    Oh Kristy, this is my kind of story. Absolutely love it! Can’t wait to see more. There is so much more out there than people know.

    Thanks for sharing!

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