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 Good Morning, yee who have but a few more days to submit

an entry into our contest: You didn’t write that!

Shawna Smart, who incurred the envy and wrath of others when she won our coveted CAT-ASS-Trophy last year has found us once again.  Glad to see you back my dear!  Let’s open this up and see what you have to say:

How to spell Yes

by Shawna Smart


“You…did…NOT…write that, Charlie!”

I tried on my best wounded puppy look, going for the injured innocent.

“Why would you say that to me?” I protested, raising my right eyebrow to themost extreme spock height I could manage.

A moment of levity at the towers that are A Word with You Press.


“You couldn’t spell enraptured if your life depended on it!” Her slender manicured finger impaled the offending word right in the gut. It left a streak of pink seashell love nail polish right between the ‘p’ and the ‘t’, a vivid slash of rejection on the fine stationary of my love letter.

I cast my eyes down with a sad little smile, and withdrew the small velvet box I’d stashed in my pocket on my way out.

‘I guess you won’t believe I wrote this either, then.”

Her astonished eyes stared at the box and the tiny tag that said ‘Marry Me’ and then floated back to mine with perfect frame by frame slow motion.

“Oh Charlie!” She yelped, scrambling around the table to crash onto my lap in a giddy straddle, her lips printing pink seashell love lipstick all over my cheeks and mouth.

Between kisses I grinned. I guessed I could write just fine after all.

Leonard Nimoy, aka Dr. Spock, after the precocious surgeon,(right) corrected his nose and ears

4 thoughts on “just a spock on the horizon

  1. Chalice Divine says:

    Thanks gang:) A simple but very pink love moment. For my moment it was a room packed with loved ones, and a suprise from my beloved, a knee, an enormous boquest, and the engagement ring, glittering in pure platinum devotion, for all the world to see on videa capturing the shock and swooning delight at the moment. I am still a sucker for the skilled predatory pounce of a proposal hehe.

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