Judgement day approaches!

Again trophy

Final day to enter your story into our contest is July 15th, at midnight, land of the double-entundra time. (Moscow, aka the ‘Cow.)

You may enter as often as you like. Ed Coonce created and donated the trophy, but generally a prize costs about $100 to purchase, wrap and send, so your $7 entry fee has been much appreciated. And don’t forget, the winner also gets a website through PubPimp, hosted for a year!

Judging will take place after all entries have been posted, which should be by July 18th.  We don’t want to flood the site with entries, so each author gets a chance for some fair feedback without competing with too many other stories at one time.  We will only push the date back further if we do get swamped with last-minute entries.

I will post five finalists: three will be selected randomly, and two will be the ones I consider the best. We will create a special page to allow everyone who has left a comment or entered the contest to vote for the winner.  There will be no “write-off” as we have had in the past, as I have a new contest ready to go with an amazing trophy, and we want the trains to run on time.

The winner of each contest will be asked to judge the next, as punishment for winning!

3 thoughts on “Judgement day approaches!

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Let the clock strike 5 by editor and luck, vote and award the 1, it has been written and read while leaving out none, for everyone whether reader and/or author leaves a winner once it’s done.

    • Parisianne Modert says:

      Expect the Ghost of Contests Yet To Come when the clock strikes 12 on the 15th…”I am standing in the presence of the Spirit of Contests Yet To Come? And you’re going to show me the shadows of things that have not yet happened but will happen?” – Ebenezer Sully (relative of the past to our editor in chief)

      Actually no Ebenezer. First there is picking and plucking, then voting for the turkey that goes to Bob Cratchit’s home and help that poor little boy…tick tock look at the time…

      Humbug…Bob Cratchit didn’t enter this contest Jacob. What is my great, great grandson’s and his son’s business going to be if I give my money away?

      O, them. You mean Thorn and Morgan?

      Do you rattle chains?

      Contests! Contests, but that won’t be their only business. Humanity was mine, but I sort of mucked that one up it seems. Time waits for no one so be a good sort and go give Tiny Tim the bird.

  2. Diane Cresswell says:

    July 14th is a very important day – for me!!!! But I’ll let you have the 15th! Good for an ending to the ‘bloody Red Queen’ – oops sorry dropped into Alice for a moment! Wait maybe a bleed through from the storming of the Bastille! Carry on!

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