Jose Monroy is Circling Back* with the Leader!



I love a challenge, and this one did it! Admittedly, it took me a minute to realize what was going on, but watch Jose Monroy as he tries to…




6:42pm. I shove her off my lap.


She sits on me and pulls my shirt up and puts her hand on my abdomen and her index finger in my belly button. My wife finishes her phone call in the bedroom, she exits and sees me sitting on the carpet staring at a computer screen. A computer screen with 13 faces on it.


The Leader says, “The Anything Is Possible Foundation exists for the purpose of empowering the youth and you are here because someone thinks you would be a perfect mentor. There’s no other reason why they invited you here tonight. They believe you can make a difference.”


All 13 people on screen are looking at me as I finish sharing. The Christmas Tree to my left is absent ornaments. My neighbor’s apartment door closes, and it sounds like a gun shot.


“I trust that Brandon had my best interests in mind when he invited me.”


I raise my hand.


They ask, “who wants to share?”


13 faces on screen. Someone else is speaking. Behind my laptop a stuffed dog stares at me with one eye. Ice melts in my lowball glass. I owe $595.16.


“So happy you’re here tonight.”


My wife is on the phone in the bedroom. I hear this, her conversation, as I’m staring at a computer screen with 13 different faces on it. Each of the faces fitted inside equally sized squares.


5:58pm. One of the faces, the Leader, is speaking.


Try to walk away…but you cannot escape…until you submit your entry to Thorn by February 28th! What did you think I meant?

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