It’s about time you did something write!


is almost upon us.

You have just a few weeks more to procrastinate, and then begins your dark and stormy write.   For the uninformed, NanoWrimo is to writers what Burning Man is to visual artists–the ultimate test of stamina and dedication and a chance to drink A LOT of coffee!

Within 30 days–the whole month of November–you are charged with creating a full novel of at least 50,000 words.  You register, and you can get your word count verified in order to gain bragging rights.


Here is the link to the site with rules, history, list of places to be conspicuously seen being brilliant, and so on:

But Wait!  There’s more!

During the month of November the towers that are A Word with You Press will be open to all writers on this important quest on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9 to noon, and on Monday evenings from 5 to 7.  We (meaning moi) will provide you with drugs and maybe even jelly donuts to encourage you, (or a beer or glass of wine if you come to the morning shift) and will even (depending on your gender and other social considerations) hold your hand through the process.

It’s fun to write in a room with other equally dedicated procrastinators!

Every writer who visits A Word with You Press either in the flesh  (ahhh!  in the flesh…) and completes the NanoWrimo requirements will also get a plaque from us acknowledging you accomplishments.

Take the Pledge  Hone your Edge

in the comment box below.

Nanu Nanu! or something like that…oh! Nano Wrimo!




3 thoughts on “It’s about time you did something write!

  1. Tlrelf says:

    I participated in Nanowrimo several times and attained the 50,000. The last time, I failed, however. I’m still revising two of those novels. Do I dare sign-up again this year when I have so many unfinished projects?

    • Thorn says:

       I came so far for beauty.  I left so much behind.  My manuscript unfinished.  My masterpiece unsigned.  L Cohen.

      Write, my child, so that others may live!

  2. ArcaneStatic says:

    Of course, I will try again this year. Perhaps with the story that Madame Diehl has been chatting with me concerning! That might actually be pretty neat.

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