It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood

Bon Joir!  (and you thought the only French I spoke was “Moi“)

Ah Literati!  A reminder that while my close friend and associate Stephen Cobert has Nation  and my pal Rush Limbaugh has Ditto Heads, I ( moi) have Literati! (that would be vouz)

And so, Literati, I thought every few days I would show you around my neighborhood, here in Oceanside. The towers that ARE A Word with You Press are four short blocks to the beach.

“The tide goes in

and the tide goes out

but the beach stays sand and the sea stays salt.

It is the sand and the salt that I’m writing about”

                                                                                                                      Randall Jarell, social and literary critic 1914-1965

I can’t stroll to the beach (which is part of my rich ual each morning) without passing by The Cup . The proprietor, Cailyn, is shown here mixing up the medicine.

Send me a picture of you walking in your neighborhood with a few LITERARY comments and I will put it up on line.

(click below for youtubeness–way kuhl!)

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