Interns stoop to Billy Holder’s level!



A Word with You Press is pleased to announce the arrival of two new interns at the towers here in Moscow.  Bronwyn Miles (left) and Candace Louise were twins separated at birth and only re-discovered each other after responding to the same add for interns at our Moscow office!  Amazingly, both are students at the University of Idaho.

They are charged with promoting our contests and traffic to the website, and fabricating hyperbole about the editor-in-chief (moi). They each will serve a three month sentence with time off for good behavior and even more for bad behavior, joining Derek, Diana, Teri,Ruth, Billy, Morgan and occasionally that cowboy Gary as a part of our staff.

Here they can be seen taking candy from Billy Holder, our marketing engineer.

Welcome on board!




15 thoughts on “Interns stoop to Billy Holder’s level!

  1. Bronwyn M. says:

    howdy, y’all! Bronwikipedia here. I’m excited to be part of the AWwYP team/ vision/ experience. vision quest? whatever it is, worlds will be taken over, I have no doubt.

  2. barbkeeling says:

    Welcome to the fun factory to the newbeeeez. Lucky you to share time with the editor in disbelief. WOWZER what fun you will have. I miss him in his old neighborhood. barbk

  3. thorn says:

    I suppose it is time for the Thornicator to enter the debate. the premise of James argument is in tirely incorrect. The winner of the contest is NOT chosen by random selection. Before I thorntificate, these are the mechanics of the process: all entries get posted if they follow the parameters of the contest. however no entries are posted that are overtly pornographic or denigrate any class of people with the exception of editors.
    I’d then select three stories that I consider the best..Ahhh! But there’s the rub! My own tastes are entirely subjective. having a majority of our readers agree with my tastes does not make them less subjective, only more popular. Who the hell am i to judge?
    So I select another three stories randomly. I physically write the names of each contestant and entry and put them in the bowl scrotum or hat and draw three names. I announce the finalists And m. Careful not to indicate if they were chosen on merit( meaning they conform to my particular prejudices regarding what is good literature) or randomly. I don’t want a finalist feeling disadvantaged by thinking they are part of the finals only by chance. the truth is that many many stories could easily be considered the best of the batch. as you know I only accept bribes to get into the finals. by then create an entirely new prompts to which the finalists must write and compete. at that point I turn the contest over to some other process or judge to determine what is “the best”. A tradition has evolved by which the winner of one contest becomes the judge for the next contest. This gives everyone of you the very real possibility of accepting bribes from a grateful literati.
    It is extremely important to recognize That on several occasions The winner of the contest was actually a finalist who was chosen randomly. And of course I will never reveal who those winners were. I also believe that there is among us a shared objection to traditional publishing Whereby publishers became a filter deciding what is good or bad literature and what should be published. A Word with You Press is like an occupy mainstream movement. We will not let our values dictate what is publish worthy simply because we are in a relative position of power to do so. It is a writer’s duty to be opinionated. It is my duty not to be.
    One final note: over the lifetime of this site I have received writing from the same people that to my subjective tadte has been mediocre. But sometimes( more often than I can recall) that same writer will find their stride and deliver something that is absolutely breathtaking. our job, yours and mine, is to encourage that opportunity for everyone and then stand back and watch the magic

  4. Diane Cresswell says:

    Ladies you have NO idea what you’re getting yourselves involved with. Brave – brave souls. Welcome to the club of Thornites.

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