Important notice! That Game of Thorn’s!

A good number of our regular visitors have threatened to submit their entries!  But I am still waiting.  Also, my webinar that was to take place a month ago was ambushed by cyber gremlins, and it is just tonight that I will be sharing a fragment of what I know about writing, editing and publishing with 150 writers from 38 countries across the globe. I would like to give them a chance to enter, as well. I appreciate that everyone who entered on time may feel a bit slighted, and I can only hope that you are generous of spirit, allowing the stragglers to unstraggle, and new-comers to come newly to our tight community of writers.

The deadine is extended to November 15th.  The winner will still be announced on Thanksgiving, as planned, and their $1,000 award will be PayPal-ed to them same day. If you intend to enter, pull down AWWYP Literary Award from the home page.

The top five contenders will be included in a random drawing to have me give their entire manuscript a full review with encouragement and advice to bring it to its peak. This is a service for which I routinely charge $2 a page.

You will have to scramble to be included in tonight’s webinar. It starts soon. Hope to see you!

1 thoughts on “Important notice! That Game of Thorn’s!

  1. Kristine Rose Grant says:

    Hi Thorn,
    I submitted my entry for the contest a couple of days ago with no reply. I am resubmitting and will pay through pay pal to Thorn sully. Please let me know you got this. Thanks
    Your fan and friend,

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