I’m so vain. I probly think this poem ‘s about me

(While an intern, Echo,  keeps abreast of latest contest entries, editor-in-chief gazes into the pool wondering “who IS that handsome devil?”  Oh!… Wait!…)

Good afternoon from Sochi (as in so… she actually is still speaking to you?)

Here is another entry into our contest —A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn: A Valentine’s Day Love Story– from a woman of ravishing beauty who prefers to remain anonymous. So I can safely claim that the poem was written for me, and she would have to reveal herself in order to deny it.

You still have time before the chocolate melts and the petals wilt to enter the contest yourself:


But it was only a rumor

by Echo

Rumor has it, when I kiss you

I can taste the breath of you

Like the wind in a kindly dream

Of all the ways that I have known you

From the wide eyes of a young girl

To being held in your loving arms so true

As a woman, now as your wife

A deeper knowing does unfurl

With you, my love, I share my life

Our book is still a mystery

How in this love we came to be

I sing your praise, as we step into the light

Shedding what did not fit

Together creating a real home

All to my hearts sheer delight!

Now when I see you, your eyes do smile

Climbing the peak, I can see only blue skies

The journey of this heart is worth the while

The true blue love of you

Radiant in your eyes

Yes, we have weathered some stormy times

Where I felt my heart disappear

Now the sun shines bright

“We” feels so right, and the “Why” of us much more clear

Thank you my darling for being so brave

The emotional risks indeed

Show me how much there is to save

Staying safe in your heart is all I need

Be my Valentine forever

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3 thoughts on “I’m so vain. I probly think this poem ‘s about me

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Sweet, rhymes, sublime, love of mild swings in time. Here is a valentine poem which is clear, clean, but not my cup of romantic tea. Even though I write this there is a clear effort and crafting which is more turn of the 20th century than any other era.

  2. Miryam says:

    What a sweet romantic poem… A tribute to marital commitment which grows stronger over time. Beautiful expression!

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