I guess you’re wondering why I didn’t call…

(the staff at A Word with You Press goes boldly where no gland has gone before)

Oh, Literati!

Here, at the snow-covered towers that are A Word with You Press, life and love begin anew! Not only will our contest survive, but much to my own delight and amusement, so will I!

“Broke in pieces as the meteor broke in and out of you”  This is actual footage of what the editorial staff (moi) had to endure the past ten days before the assteroid (like a hemorrhoid, but with attitude, aka a kidney stone) was surgically removed. The stone is being auctioned off to the lowest bidder: so far that would be Gary Clark at $.39 usd. Derek Thompson was a close second but the Brits still deal in pounds and I figgered I had already had enough of a pounding. Too much information?


I am once again able to return to the bridge (I knew nothing of the traffic jams til it was announced in the media) and begin to post a back-log of stories. Many thanks to all of you who continued to send in your entries.  Remember, each author may submit two stories.

While I was away from the helm, I discovered that the true date of Valentine’s day is actually February 28th. Something to do with the cumulative impact of Leap Years. THEREFORE: The contest deadline is extended to February 28th!  Prizes remain the same. (Do you think your beloved will refuse flowers delivered in early March rather than on February 14th?) This gives us more time to get our store opened up to let you choose other prizes, and for me to give each of your stories sufficient exposure on our carousel.

Here is a link to the contest: A Dozen Roses from a Single Thorn: A Valentine’s Day Love Story. Write 400 to 500 words of love, but somewhere use the prompt: “but it was only a rumor”. OR write up to 300 words of poetry, same prompt.


And don’t forget to like Kristine Rose Grant on facebook. She is the judge and she likes stuff from Victoria’s Secret.


Sumatra is brewing…ENGAGE!

(your chances of engagement, by the way, are enhanced greatly if you win and a dozen flowers are sent to your beloved from the towers that are A Word with You Press.)

Your Captain-in-chief

(does Jean Luc Piccard ever have a bad hair day?)


8 thoughts on “I guess you’re wondering why I didn’t call…

  1. Derek says:

    Better a starship than an old-fashioned sailing ship. I wonder what became of the poop deck? It’s good to hear you’re back in the captain’s chair- you really know how to rock.

  2. Stars Fall On My Heart says:

    …I’d kiss you if you weren’t in Idaho LOL Thank you so much Thorn!!! I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding inspiration for this contest =/

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    A rolling stone catches one by surprise. Unless you can move like Jagger. You probably did there for a while. Glad you’re back into the realm of Chief again – hugs from the south.

  4. Kristine Rose Grant says:

    Provocative if not tantalizing reads….Words are wands, bring on the magic! It’s only a rumor, but I hear there will be some more contest entries forthwith…stayed tuned. Kristine Rose

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