“I could have been an offender”

Ahhh! Literati. The strain of closing down the Towers weighs heavily on my face in this unretouched photo…Oh! Wait!  That’s not me!

It seems Charles Bukowski has had a bit of a revival since his death.  Here is a second entry where he is a favorite author.  We do love our role models!

This entry is from Eli Fang.  Be gentle.  New to our site.

Dr. Bukowski’s Prescription

By Eli Fang

Martin passes Charles’ woman (amply stuffed cocktail dress) cocaine under a cocktail napkin for fear of Charles (boozily unconscious) declaring violent holy war: For I, the BOOZE your Drug, am a jealous Drug who will not tolerate your affection for any other Drug

Martin is finally off the subject of his dental woes and onto what he’s good at: the self.

“I just want to be strong and sure like an American cinematic hero.  Pull my collar up against the cold on a dockside and say things like, I could have been a contender, or, sometimes a handful of nothing can get you a long way.  Take the girl in my arms and she’ll know just from the strength of my hands on her hip and her back as she holds my face and we kiss.  Instead there’s this niggling suspicion I’m that guy who laughs at his boss’ jokes a little too long, and brushes aside injustice with statements like, well that’s just the way it is, and, life isn’t always fair.”

Charles animates, “Amis, you need my kind of medicine.  What you do is you go to LA, find yourself a cheap motel, walking distance to a bar, and there you tell yourself in a different story to get well again.”

Charles’ woman is back from the bathroom, nostrils rimmed with powder like two margarita glasses. Martin, back-of-hand whisper: “What if Charles notices?”

I’ll just have to wing it,” I reply.


In this clip Charles and Thorn discuss the waterfront near the towers.

9 thoughts on ““I could have been an offender”

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    I found “Dr. Bukowski’s Prescription” a riveting, confidently in your face of the down and dirty grasping of life without apology entry. As of this publishing date, this is the piece I would award the Wing-Nut prize to if it were my decision.

  2. Diane Cresswell says:

    Raw..absolutely raw. Writing noir is a challenge and you sailed right through that darkness with superb ease…welcome Eli…

  3. 1948pdobbs says:

    Welcome Eli, newcomers always perk us up and your particular entry is one of the best in the contest. Extremely creative, for example your description of her nostrils being rimmed with white powder like two Margarita glasses. Keep writing, my friend.
    Blessings, pd

  4. Michael Stang says:

    Third paragraph is a knock out punch, you ooze talent the way the writing decides and the reader’s brain plays catchup. We, Eli Fang, need your medicine. Impressive.

  5. Sheri Strobaugh says:

    I agree with all the comments. Welcome Eli! This was such a story to imagine. Nostrils rimmed with powder like two Margarita glasses, brilliant! I also really enjoyed the insecurity brought out – I’m that guy who laughs at his boss’ jokes a little too long…

  6. Eli says:

    Thanks for the comments. I’m enjoying reading the other entries – some great, entertaining writing being submitted.

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