Historical facts are delightful…


I used to do this regularly as a child, a child especially intrigued by the gorey and corrupt webs of the past.

My parents once took me on a trip to York and Castle Howard when I was 5 years old. York Minster had suffered a terrible fire in one of the wings, and had only recently been restored, and I, as child with fire on the brain, apparently grilled our guide for all the dark facts. How odd, there had also been a fire at Castle Howard, and a similar grilling took place.

I believe my historical love for everything dangerous and destructive began then, during my interrogation of those poor tour guides. Imagine this tiny 5 year old, frizzy haired, crook toothed weirdo asking not about the colourdy windows or big statues, but the terrifying event of an incredibly destructive fire.

I was quite strange.

But I still love telling people disgusting history facts while they’re eating.

And by the way, both facts in the cartoon are true.

3 thoughts on “Historical facts are delightful…

  1. Thornton Sully says:

    That’s funny, the only disgusting thing a writer ever has to eat are his own words. Ask your dad sometime why he had to help me carry a new mattress eight blocks down Hauptstrasse in Heidelberg, Germany.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE BOOTS’ EXPRESSION =D I think this is my favorite one out of all the Wuss n’ Boots series!

    P.S. The Donner Party here in the US exploring the western frontier I believe had to do the same thing when food ran low…

  3. Miryam says:

    Wow… Castle Howard belongs to my husbands liniage in York… I wonder if he knows some of this interesting history??? Real-life facts are always more discusting that anything we could invent!

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