His Adlib Lines are Well Rehearst

Although this isn’t Bruce’s actual photo…something rehearst…and he isn’t actually running for Governor; Bruce is governing our marketing and distribution efforts.

Bruce Fischer was born into the printing world having grown up in the back of a newspaper printing plant in Phoenix, Arizona.  He has written over 50 cookbooks, a dozen children’s books and business book series. In his previous life in the desert he was responsible for the sales of 4 million books to the tourist trade in the southwest.  As a publishing consultant he has brought over 1,000 books to life.  During his stint as a professional musician he has traveled the world in search of the perfect ‘gig’.  Moviemaker, songwriter and part-time stand-up, he has settled in North County with his wife and two schnoodles.

“Soooo…I am going to make certain that A Word with You Press can remain a free, de-facto on-line writer’s workshop by helping sell some books. A lotta books, actually. I expect our library to expand wider than Thorn’s ego over the next two years.  But we will promote not only our own titles, but books that you may have self published, that are all dressed up with no where to go.  You can approach me with your own projects at bruce@awordwithyoupress.com.”

1 thoughts on “His Adlib Lines are Well Rehearst

  1. Stars Fall On My Heart says:

    The only thing larger than Thorn’s ego would be the sack we use for our raffles at the clubhouse…don’t ask. Welcome aboard!!!

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