He’s done it again! What a super hero.

It used to be said that we were two nations divided by a common language (give or take the odd letter ‘u’), but popular thinking now runs along the following lines:

– You guys have better dental care.

– Us guys don’t like to talk about our successes.

Not sure? Look at sitcom. All the greatest UK sitcoms have been based around losers, from Steptoe and Son all the way through to The Office and beyond. You guys have Friends and How I Met Your Mother, where everyone shares Thanksgiving with their great buddies. It could be said that we side with the little guy while you aspire to be like the winners (there’s a wiener joke there if we really look for it).

As you know, I still carry some American DNA by osmosis, so I’ve managed to get out of that excessive humility syndrome. Which is why I’m posting once again about a book launch of mine. This one, fresh out today, is something a little different.

Twelve year-old Jo has never fit in at school, what with being overweight and over-sensitive. Since Dad moved out, Mom forgets who’s who in the whole mother-daughter relationship. Jo has one ambition in life: to be normal. Not gifted, or gorgeous, or even particularly popular. Just normal. Maybe her luck is about to change.

You only find out you’re a butterfly if you spread your wings.


I’d really like to get this ebook into schools. It’s suitable for the 11 to 14 market and touches upon bullying, self-acceptance, friendship and transformation. All pointers gratefully received.


12 thoughts on “He’s done it again! What a super hero.

  1. Tlrelf says:

    And yes, I’m about to order it. I’ll await the referral code before doing so, in case there’s some kind of bonus for you, Derek.

  2. KYLE says:

    Great! So excited for you Derek. You told me about this a while ago, as I was writing Seaside Club Cafe. Maybe this is the kick I need to finish mine. Can’t wait to read this one.

    • Derek Thompson says:

      In the words of Peter Griffin….holy crap! My first completed ebook reader (there’s got to be a better word for them than that!). Hopefully my characters will live on in your head and keep you asking questions, such as: Where is Parva Search? Who is Parva Serach? Nice doggie?

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    cool Mr. D.  I have also written a story about transformation but with a small fairy and her best friend who is a caterpillar who transforms…now just have to get it published.  Does this mean we have great minds???  Thinking – that’s a concept!!!!  Congratulations.

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