He is a total ginious….

So I confess.

I am terrible at spelling.

I know. You would think I was great at everything I do, which is generally the case, but the arrangement of letters in the correct order within a word seems to escape me. And anything I suffer, my boys suffer also.

To be fair the word genius is a farce. As a small child I attempted to scribble (in pencil I may add, I wasn’t a total vandal) ‘ruth is a genius’ on the back of a seat on a train to London. After several crossings-out, I left it saying ‘ruth is a ginous’.

Never mind ey. All the great intellectuals had some sort of major failing- madness, obsession, cruelty, selfishness.

Mine, and indeed Wuss’s, is spelling – how rock ‘n roll. But since when do cats and artists need to spell?

3 thoughts on “He is a total ginious….

  1. Ruthie_Wuss_n_Boots says:

    Disposable thumbs?! As in you can use them once then throw them away??! Doesn't sound very environmentally friendly to me haha. Besides, these boys may be cats, but that doesn't hold them back from anything. Dictionaries are only the beginning…

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