I’m SURE many of you have waited with bated breath for the answer to the question that has long since kept you up at night:



I mean, I COULD give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

But we’re writers. And in every fiction, there lays a foundation of truth.

So let’s just say that I’ve been held captive by technological pirates and just noticed VERY recently that they seemed to have left me adrift (still hiding out from them, though–so if someone comes asking for me, point the opposite direction and tell them I hid the treasure over THERE!). I literally would have dreams that I would finally be able to have uninterrupted access back to the site and then wake up disheartened to see my situation still hadn’t changed. I couldn’t see land, but somehow, I refused to drown. I must have known I was coming home someday.

And now, with the sand between my toes, I have been rewarded for my faith.

But now that I’m back on shore, I can see the landscape has certainly changed. The towers have taken quite a few hits while I was gone. There have been more than a few casualties. Nevertheless, I am home. I have already bumped into a few familiar faces. All the belongings I’ve left behind have survived unscathed. I have everything I could ever need.

And I’m ready to begin rebuilding.

As we get the site back up again, we want you all to come to the site feeling like you’ve entered not just a place where you can be read and understood, but also a place where you can feel alive and stimulated. Apart from the attention we want to draw to you, we also want to draw your attention to the things that not only will make you be a better writer, but also proud to be a writer. And we want you to be surrounded by those who share that pride with you like a thread in a soft comforter.

And that, my dears, is where I come in.

As your associate editor–WHOOPS, did I forget to mention that I have been upgraded from intern to associate editor?! Yeah, YOU’RE surprised; just think of all the e-mails I’ve been signing wrong all this time!

As your associate editor, part of my new repertoire is to bring the readers–that would be VOUZ–articles and blogs that would interest us as writers. Anything and everything from articles on well-established writers we all know and love (or love to hate; yeah I’m looking at YOU, T.S. Eliot!!!) to blogs about writer’s block and how to break it with a swift karate chop–and anything and everything between. A lot of the posts will be me musing about writing and then asking YOU to chip in your two scents (I prefer ocean breeze and lily. A little bribery here and there goes a long way, people).

Another part of my new role here on the site is to put up posts that will help us get noticed and published when our works are ready to meet the rest of the world! My first few posts as associate editor will be about how to market your works in an effective manner as to draw proper attention to your works. Most of us focus on our art–as well we should–but many of us haven’t the first clue as what to do when it’s time to get our works out into the open–present company included. I will put the first posts up, and then I will rely on your feedback to see if there is anything specific you guys would like to see beyond what I’ve put up.

Becoming your associate editor is one of the greatest honors of my life, and I take this post with pride. I will continue to write my novels and poetry (what am I if I don’t?) and submit. Contest entries, that is. What did you THINK I meant, hmm? I can’t wait to get back on the swings and be with my tribe on the playground again!!!

Home is where the heart is. And being this is the end of the Cancer cycle in the zodiac for the year, this Moon Child is glad you guys held onto my heart all this time while I was gone.

Don’t mind the wet hair! Those dang pirates know nothing about these newfangled “hair dryers”!

Wondering what’s something I was up to the eight months I was away? Here is my blog, Spirit Ink! Turn the lights out if you dare; the ghosts really like that!

Spirit Ink

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1 thoughts on “GUESS WHO’S BACK? BACK AGAIN?

  1. Diane Cresswell says:

    About time you kicked the pirates booty!! Yup ready for the adventure. While you dry out, I’ll climb the mast and keep a lookout for pirates of the artistic kind. Congratulations on surviving the wait in the hold.

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