Guess Who Just Won An Award!

Fred Rivera - Award Winning Author


After a few months of waiting, the winners of the International Latino Book Awards were announced this past weekend.

On hand to accept the award that we won was none other than FRED RIVERA!  Go check out his book in our store and follow him on his blog.

Also at the Award ceremony were two other of our authors, Jonathan Freedman and Isabelle Freedman as well as our oh-so-dashing Editor-in-chief.

Here’s a pic of the chief with the winner!Fred Rivera and Thorn Sully



15 thoughts on “Guess Who Just Won An Award!

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    I am so proud of both Fred and Thorn, grateful for their friendships and humbled by both their writing skills. If a smile is worth a thousand quality words each; then I join with others of A Word With You Press and others deeply touched by “Raw Man” to conregate enough smiles, passed forward to be a world community of love, to create a thick novel, full of expressions, to honor excellence in creation and to work towards a better humanity.

    Never has any award been given so wisely or for a better cause. Congratulations on the occasion of this Latino Award in 2015.

  2. Stef says:

    Oh my God!!! Reading that put a BIG smile on my face!!! Congratulations Fred!!! You earned it and so much more <3

  3. Thornton Sully says:

    I want to thank Fred for making me look tall and skinny. (Wearing a tie? Moi?)Also for being the hardest working author I have edited. And I want to thank all of you who supported our kickstarter campaign a year ago to get the funds to publish the book. Stang, Stef, Parisianne, Julie, Russ, Ed and others–you know who you are–these names just come to me because you are posting your stories again…Fred is an amazing man, and yes, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

  4. Derek Thompson says:

    Congratulations to Fred, to Thorn, and to A Word with You Press. Words give us power to rewrite the past, reframe the present and shape the future. Fact or fiction, they’re not just stories – they are tracks across the vastness of possibility.

  5. Jonathan Freedman says:

    Congratulations to author Fred Rivera, whose shattering and redemptive novel, RAW MAN, belongs on the shelf of anti-war novels with ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT and CATCH 22. The 2015 International Latin American Book Award for a First Novel puts Fred in a category along with Isabelle Allende.

    Thornton Sully, purveyor of fine books at A WORD WITH YOU PRESS, came roaring back with this award for an author he nurtured, edited and published. The writing and publishing collective that you have created is testament to your wit, will, perseverance and let us not forget to say your beard! Morgan Sully has created a wonderful website to build this community of writers, and to sell our works.

    It was fun and exciting to join Fred, Thorn, my creative wife Isabelle Rooney, artist Terry Rider, author Neal Katz and creative folks at the American Library Association’s convention in San Francisco. The A Word With You Press writers collective is a warm and supportive group, and I invite other writers to join.

    Now, back to the hard and sometimes lonesome task of writing, knowing I am not alone.

  6. Thornton Sully says:

    Thanks Jonathan. And remember to change your name to Juanathon so you can enter the International Latino Book Awards next year. I just started reading The Last Brazil of Benjamin East. Will give you the first of a brazillion reviews when I am done!

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