Grant Laurence, finalist number 3 of 6 for Lost Love


‘Tis indeed a challenge to incorporate the quote I require each finalist to embed in their entry: “Give him/her this message” AND leave it inspirational, something positive in a world fraught with negativity.  Doubly hard to weave the quote into poetry, which is how Grant Laurence choose to respond to the prompt.  Just three more to post after this one before the voting can begin, but by all means feel free to leave comments for all the finalists in the comment boxes.



by Grant Laurence


If you see him waiting at the gates

Now the painted horses have been set free

No cage for the lion’s heart to challenge

Please give him this message, and tell him that…


Lightening crashed upon me so that I might truly see

A mirror now polished with certainty and trust

Rooted to the sky, I see your face, and hold you high

And know that we are one

Unblemished by God’s experienced axe


Stand me before the firing squad and let the bullets rain

Bathed in our blood that mingles without restraint

And let the animals fill their bellies

So that it might be called a sin by casual onlookers with open wounds


The pond’s glass cloak is not cracked by mindless stones

Not blind to your transparent state, my eyes turned yet I can’t help but see

All things of equal value

The flowers in the field are tattooed upon my skin


Let me wrap you in white linen and carry you this time

As I walk with you with no want for shoes

Making earth our witness, I lay you down

And caste our names into the wind, then hear the birds sing just for you


Together alone, I sit content beside the shallow waters

Bathed in their reflective reward, with no thought to disturb

Our communion suspended by the tide

And my desire and need to tend to new footprints in the sand


Your enigmatic body glitters before me

The boy from the brigade is here at my side

Yet now that you are no longer, silently you tell me all

And finally, unburdened by my challenges and without remorse, I lovingly let you go


5 thoughts on “Grant Laurence, finalist number 3 of 6 for Lost Love

  1. Jon Tobias says:

    I like the use of water and sky as reflecting paralells throughout this poem. A mirror image of two cleansing bodies and the narrator in between. The flow of the language is gente as well like the tide referenced in the sixth to last stanza. Nicely done.

  2. Michael Stang says:

    Your passion for mythical epic battle (mythical, if I may call it that, perhaps historical), is a theme you often use. I do so admire the element and how you craft towards it. The prompt was a tough one. All the stories, in my opinion, suffered, but the injected words within poetry could have been disastrous. I was impress with how you handled it.
    Good luck in the finals, Mr. Laurence

  3. Diane Cresswell says:

    So very well written with images that dance in one’s mind. Extraordinary Grant – extraordinary. I have no critique for this marvelous piece of work.

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