More Good to see you! Our summer site relaunch


On behalf of Derek, Tiffany, Stefanie, Kristine, Morgan and the Satikushes, and the Editor-in-Chief (that would still be moi)welcome back to the Moscow Towers that are A Word with You Press, with offices  or affiliates in Penzanze, Cesky Krumlov, Prague and Wroclaw.

We are a playful, passionate, and prolific consortium of writers connected by our shared love of the written word. Are you drawn to the notion that there is nothing more beautiful or powerful than a well-told story? We are.  For almost a decade A Word with You Press has been helping story-tellers become writers, and writers to become authors.

In order to serve you better, each of us now has our own on-line cubby! Derek will contribute stories from the right-hand side of the pond from time to time, in between publishing the continuing series of Thomas Bladen crime novels; Tiffany will be keeping you up to date on the adventures of Grace when she is not too busy in her new role as president of the prestigious San Diego Book Awards (now in its 20th year), Stefanie will be posting articles and links to all things writerly, including links to contests not affiliated with the Towers, as well as speaking her mind on what ever suites her fancy, and about every two weeks Kristine will be posting an interview of authors who visit us here  (already seven interviews in the hopper). Our technically supportive Morgan (mon fils), like his father, is a digital nomad, but may stop by to say hello from Berlin, Dublin, London, or Jack London’s Oakland.

Do check out our services on the home page.  In addition to helping writers who are well on their way through a manuscript, or have a completed manuscript for us to work with, we are offering a new, affordable service: Coaching.  We can help you tease, seduce, coerce or inspire your first pages currently hiding inside your keyboard to come out and show themselves. Read about all our services on the drop-down menu.

And of course, there are those contests.  We have run about 50 of them since 2009, and please do check out the post regarding our new contest, “One-of-a-Kindness.”

We do hope you will enjoy yourself here.  Why else would you come?

love and affection




Associate Editor Kristine Starr
Stefanie Allison, Associate Editor

Tiffany MV
Contributing Editor Tiffany Vakilian


IT and community manager, Morgan Sully
His Moiness attending an Editor-in-Chief rally. Your male is in the Czech

One thought on “More Good to see you! Our summer site relaunch

  1. Derek Thompson says:

    Last time my picture appeared that large it was on a Wanted flyer. In the words of the great Two Ronnies, or one of them anyway, it’s great to be back with you. It’s time to get it write!

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