Brian J Callaghan Erupts! Entry #27

“That was when it started getting dark…Then I knew, even before the people at the window started to yell and point. The mist was coming.” from “The Mist” by Stephen King

Not Your Normal Author (Part 2): David Boop’s influences, both reality and fantasy

Sell me on your reality first before you sell me on your fantasy.

Not Your Normal Author (Part 1): David Boop transforms 50 years of sensory input into art

Cross genre seems to be where my brain wants to go.

Imaginative: Elizabeth Price’s mind bridges Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres

I do seek individuality and resent being compared to another writer, regardless if it’s meant as a compliment.

Julie Mark Cohen becomes Intergalactic…AGAIN–the contest


Seyfert, my dear Literati, survived our hiatus from cyberspace just fine.  He is the lovable character of Julie Mark Cohen’s imagination. He is everyman, not quite fitting in but too sweet to leave out in the cold on a rainy night.  And so cuddly!

Here he is getting into the swim of things in our contest that requires the writer to build a story around a single word: AGAIN.