Brian J Callaghan Erupts! Entry #27

"That was when it started getting dark...Then I knew, even before the people at the [...]

The Sky Is Falling for Tim Dwyer! Entry #25

What type of star is a criminal? A shooting star!

Not Your Normal Author (Part 2): David Boop’s influences, both reality and fantasy

Sell me on your reality first before you sell me on your fantasy.

Imaginative: Elizabeth Price’s mind bridges Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres

I do seek individuality and resent being compared to another writer, regardless if it’s meant [...]

Seyfert Scopes Out the Cosmetologist with Julie Mark Cohen

What else would Seyfert do the morning after Mardi Gras?


Julie Mark Cohen becomes Intergalactic…AGAIN–the contest

Seyfert, my dear Literati, survived our hiatus from cyberspace just fine.  He is the lovable [...]