Lucien Zell Can Keep a Secret…Can you? Entry #37

"Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere."--Elie Wiesel


Pamela Jameson Tells Us a Winter’s Tale! Entry #31

Rage! Rage against the dying of the light!--from "Do Not Go Gentle into That Goodnight" [...]

Promising You This Land…Tom Averna Entry #26

"...but the one who is coming after me is mightier than I. I am not [...]

R.H. Hugo Has Us in Orbit! Entry #14

How many times has a person pulled us in...never knowing if it is a planet, [...]


The Envelope Is Mightier Than the E-Mail

"Sometimes, the old ways are best." --Eve Moneypenny, "Skyfall" (2012)


Happy World Poetry Day!

Is this going to be a federally recognized holiday yet?

Whatever comes up! Prof. Ron McFarland goes forward to the past

My father was a man who would pull over and read nearly any historical marker [...]

Whatever comes up! Prof. Ron McFarland shares his writing secrets

All writers are 'opportunists,' maybe even 'shameless opportunists.'

Alpinist of Life (Part 2): Jacek ‘Skyski’ Skrzypczinski shares the roadsigns of his path

If you have everything easy, you don’t enjoy it as much as if you had [...]

Alpinist of Life (Part 1): Jacek ‘Skyski’ Skrzypczinski guides dreamers to their summit

Everyone’s life is so rich... you should pay attention to it, and then go and [...]