Flying Close to the Sun–OUR SECOND FINALIST FLIES IN!!!


Our second finalist wants to change the world…by taking us up, up, AND AWAY! Not sure what’s with the Superman thing I’ve got going, but I wouldn’t mind getting high…up in the atmosphere!


Here is our second finalist with:


Everyone could fly. Well, maybe not everyone. Just me. And my family. A couple close friends. Youthful like Wendy and her Darling brothers, holding hands, out the window, and upward, to view the world as only birds and God see it. But not every day.

When we are about to die. We soar free of pain and bad memories, looking forward to a renewed life, not knowing or caring what it brings. It’s the exhilaration, the feeling of our first roller coaster ride as we climb then plummet. Then up to the clouds where we turn to mist and rain.

Well let’s make for that second star on the right then! Tune in for our final entry tomorrow!!!

OH GOD! I’m having an allergic reaction to the pixie dust! Someone get me Flonase!!!

3 thoughts on “Flying Close to the Sun–OUR SECOND FINALIST FLIES IN!!!

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    Being an air-sign of skyward flight, metamorphoric renewal, singular rebirth after duality and a worshipper of nightly stars in the heavens, these brief words felt familiar & reassuring other than I would wish it for everyone of such a spirit. The part of the story which is soaring free of “pain and bad memories” is not one I personally wish for, but I am sure there are many people who can relate to wishing this for themselves. Life (lives) is (are) after all lessons which bring both radiant smiles and tearful clinches to our faces. This tale tells us that there is a repeating cycle of ups & downs of new adventure & renewed joy.

    The Lady Pafia

  2. Diane Cresswell says:

    I like this one. A very different perspective on how to change the world – through mist and rain. Great thoughts. Besides I want to fly also. Renewal is always a very sacred way of making small changes to Mother Earth whether it is accomplished through physical form or in spirit.

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