First Aid- A competition Cartoon

So, a big congratulations to Steve Walker who won my cartoon caption competition, the final result of which you can see above.

During my week long art show in August I ran this competition to get peoples creative juices flowing (not to sound crass). I drew out the cartoon and left the third box empty of speech- and challenged people to come up with ideas for how poor Wuss injured himself.

The entries were fantastic, especially from some of the kids! But after a lot of deliberation (and, naturally, cups of tea and biccies) our judges decided Steve had come up with the funniest and most imaginative entry.

So well done sir, Wuss ‘n Boots feel you did ’em proud!

2 thoughts on “First Aid- A competition Cartoon

  1. Star5fallonmyheart says:

    =D That was a good one! Glad to know he's alright though…

    What were some of the other good ones, if you don't mind my asking?

  2. Ruthie_Wuss_n_Boots says:

    Some of the runners up had entries which also made us chuckle-

    “I shook some tomato ketchup, but the lid wasn't on and it blew up!” – Macy, 9yrs, from Oakham

    “Well 12 years of successfully minding my own business and then, a wall!” – Nathan, from Melton

    “Nothing! I'm applying for Puss in Boots!” – Duncan, from Redcar

    “It is…I tripped over my own feet!” – Alice, 9yrs, from Stamford

    “I was sitting by a cliff and my Fanta sprayed all over my face and I fell off the cliff!” – Yasmin, 11yrs, from Oakham

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