Finalists: The 6:09 has arrived (and 20 minutes ahead of schedule!)


Here is how we picked our finalists:  Tiffany and I each picked our favorites, and if we both had the same favorites, they were in. (We agreed upon two.)  Then we each picked a favorite, independent of the other.  That got us to four.  The final three were chosen at random.  We  have had this debate before on this site: why is everything not strictly merit based?  That’s because our tastes are subjective. I reviewed comments posted and read arguments that were sent to me regarding other entries, and there was such a variety of opinions, that I picked the final three randomly–and of course, you will never know which made it on “merit” and which were random selections.  But I will remind you of this fact:  in more than one previous contest, a randomly selected contestant went on to win the contest.

So…here are the contestants, identified by their story and pseudonym. They will remain anonymous until the contest ends.:

​Password by Metró L. Ink

A Train by N Jin
Sanguine’s Ride by Richard Trevithick

I am a Horrible Man by Doubleback McGillicuddy
Heaven by Mick Coolie
Strawberries by Tren de la Fresa
Of Trains and Fireworks  by D. Reichsbahn
And now that you know who you are, here is your prompt:  In 500 words or fewer, tell us why the conductor threw your valise on the platform, grit his teeth, called security, and told you never to board his train again. Somewhere in your narrative, you must use the words “I didn’t think anyone would mind.” Entries must be received by Monday, November 16th by 6:09 pm Moscow time.
I will post your stories under the same pseudonym, invite everyone to comment, and when all stories are posted, I will reveal voting rules to all eligible voters.  PLEASE do not caste your votes until I give the word.
All aboard!

11 thoughts on “Finalists: The 6:09 has arrived (and 20 minutes ahead of schedule!)

  1. Parisianne Modert says:

    I will bite my tongue only partially on what I am thinking about the choices made. Only one of the selected finalists was in my top 7, one my 12th pick due to being off subject too much, two were barely top 20 due to geographical-historical mistakes and the others were all in my bottom 12 out of 32 entries.

    I don’t believe it is fair for me to review the finalists given AWWYP’s choices. As a lover of poetry and poet, I suggest AWWYP contacts the authors of “The Road Home” (not mine) my #1 pick & “Insomnia in Tucson” (not mine) my #2 pick, because they were both genius, but clearly extremely misunderstood.

    I want AWWYP to succeed, but am very shocked and disappointed tonight by the choices made.

  2. Parisianne Modert says:

    Let me add about my opinion above, less I be judged harshly, that I read each entry at least two times, sometimes over 10 times, did research into some of them and sought second opinions when possible before reviewing them. How many outside the staff can claim they did as much or took as much time in discernment? My greatest discovery of this contest was the poetry of Rosario Castellanos which I purchased and recommend be read in its original Spanish. I wish all the finalists good writing.

  3. Carol McLaine says:

    Your unique way of selecting a winner is genius. Even if it were possible to determine “the best”, it wouldn’t be as kind and encouraging for the best to always win. Congratulations to all who participated.

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