Finalists announced for Love Lost

Literati (that would be vouz!)

Once again, the impossible task of selecting finalists. So many styles, so many different approaches to the topic.  To put it all in perspective, we tasked each contestant to write about a recent encounter with a past love. While some of the recent encounters may have been invented, surely everyone’s recollection of their first love was not.

What we look for in our winners is all so very subjective for the most part: did the author hold our attention throughout the piece? Did the author make us or let us feel what they felt? Did they use words in ways that left us in awe, making us see mundane things through their artist-eyes, elevating the mundane to art? Did they surprise us? And, as ordinary as it may sound, did their story have a beginning, middle and an end?  Was it complete unto itself and reflect our stated theme?

It is our tradition to select five finalists; we’ve opted for six because we had an inordinate number of entries that were from poets this time around and wanted to make sure that at least one poet is represented in our finals.

I asked Derek and Tiffany to give me a list of their favorites, which I compared to my own list. (Special thanks to Tiffany for helping me post some of these) Those who we had in common determined our first four finalists. The names of everyone else were put in a hat here at the Towers, and I drew two names.

Our finalists are:

Jon Tobias

Laura Girardeau

Martin David

E.M. Sloan

Andrew Perez

Grant Laurence

Finalists have until Monday evening at 6:00pm Moscow time (PST) to submit up to five hundred words to the prompt: “Give her/him this message from me.”  Those words must be contained somewhere within your story or poem, AND your piece must radiate a glimmer of hope, not despair.  Tough assignment?

No votes will be accepted until all the finalists have been posted, but feel free to “lobby” in the comment boxes. Everyone who entered the contest gets one vote for each entry they submitted, to be sent to Put  VOTE in the subject line. And yes, you can vote for yourself.

Best of luck.




8 thoughts on “Finalists announced for Love Lost

  1. Mike Casper says:

    Man, I really thought Mac Egan’s story ‘ And Time Will Bring Us Back Together’ was excellent… At the same time, hats off to the finalists, the time crunch is ON!

    • Mac Eagan says:

      Thanks, Mike. I am looking forward to seeing what the finalists come up with (and don’t mind not being under the pressure to come up with something in such a short time).

  2. Dolores R says:

    Congradulations to not just the finalist, but to all the writers who participated. I give everyone applauses.
    Congrats to the finalist and I’m anxious to see who wins the final round.
    Thank you for this experience everyone at A word with you press.
    Thank you also for acknowledging us poets and having this a fair win.

  3. Laura G says:

    What an honor to be included in the finalists. I see that you live in a castle called The Towers. So when you say Moscow time for the entries, do you mean Moscow Russia time? ; )

  4. Diane Cresswell says:

    I would have had a challenge just to pick six. Congrats to all. Now am holding breath to see what comes from all.

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