Final entry?

Oh, Literati!  

(It’s a little know fact that Mick Jagger was born in Texas and started out as a country western singer.  Now, you know!)

I believe this is the final entry into The Third Annual Victor Villasenor First Sentence Contest. If you have not seen an entry that you submitted, please let the entire office staff know (that would be moi) as soon as possible. The only thing that should slip through the cracks is light, not your stories, but it happens.

Here is another first sentence entry that meandered over from Victor Villasenor’s site,

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  • Rebecca Gray

    “She don’t know she’s beautiful,” the words from an old country western song best described Alejandra, and that’s because in those days only a teenage white guy that was really confident in his machismo would give a lonely girl from the barrio the same attention a beautiful blond girl would get.

1 thoughts on “Final entry?

  1. Michael Stang says:

    Rebecca, there is much in this first sentence to consider:  Alejandra, framed as a beautiful woman, those days (which is really intriguing), and the white boy who is safe…or is he?  If this is a first sentence to something you are writing, I for one would very much like to read on.  Thank you for posting.  Please, please, do not let this be the last.

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