Fifty Pimp shades of gray slacks

Literati!  Oh!  The chickens have indeed come home to roost!  A Ka’Thartic moment!

The chicken would be Steve Bienfang.  The roost would be the towers that are A Word with You Press.  Steve had been a regular at our weekly writing groups, until the pull of Arizona, but as he stopped by today he was not permitted to leave without contributing a story to our contest.  Just out of the Marines at 24, Steve has completed a 674 page (size matters) novel- a struggle of survival for extremely little people in a mystical land.  Welcome now to the 47% Steve, and thanks for this story.


and here is

Picking up girls in Starschmucks


“What do you mean? You have nothing to say on that?” Ka’Tharaus Vek Kai’Nuel The great defender of the Brotherhood of Words had not had a single peaceful moment since meeting Jeff, the man of nonexistent ambition.

“You didn’t write that, there are better things to do”

Jeff was a man of average height and build with boring features and a perminant bland, boring expression on his more or less featureless face. His clothes consisted of a charcoal Tee shirt with pimp stripe black and grey slacks and dull black loafer shoes. Everything about him screamed BORING! Ka’Tharus was a man of deep meaning dressed in beautiful robes trimmed in gold and black.

“What could be better than weaving a story deeper than any ocean?”


Jeff wandered off to the corner where he plopped down and was promptly asleep…so irritating.

“Did you write that? It’s so deep and intriguing!” Asked a random person from over Steven’s shoulder in the Starshmucks coffee house he frequented while writing. The struggle in his mind still fresh; he looked down at his computer and saw the incredible short story of powerful dreams that had appeared during his day dream.

“Why yes…yes I did.”

A bit tacky


5 thoughts on “Fifty Pimp shades of gray slacks

  1. Michael Stang says:

    A difinitive of classic curtains that veil the boundaries in a life of a creative.  So much to see in one order, and then again, in the other.  A terrific tale Steve.  Thank you for writting something before the towers raised the gates and let you go.  I do hope you will send more of your writings our way.  This tomb Thorn talked about, is it published, or anything that can be read??

  2. Diane Cresswell says:

    Gee Jeff you should drop by more often and that can be done from Arizona – been there, lived there, done that and then got the hell out.  Prescott by the way.  This so typifies my days – illusion (really) and reality (or is it illusion) coming together creating a thunderstorm of warped dimensions.  In those moments where the mind goes dull – inspiration comes flying through leaving us with words that stupify…the mind (did I do that?) and the consciousness (wow I’m not bad)!  Simply…supincredlicious. Hope you give us a chance to read the mystical land little people…wonder where your mind went with this…

  3. Tlrelf says:

    Welcome Steve, and I while I can’t imagine being lured to Arizona, you no doubt have your reasons! This multidimensional tale is quite intriguing. . .and I’m curious about these worlds you inhabit.

  4. Chalice Divine says:

    I too would like to visit this magical starsmuck. The hours I have spent firing latte’s and typing ca’fiend’inated deliriums I am quite certain are too many to count. Fun:)

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