I need a hero! I need someone to save me…I need…I need someone to be…FEARLESS!!!

And the fearless ones…ARE THE ONES WHO PARTICIPATED!!!

All of the participants in the SPOOKED! contest will submit entries for the final prompt! And the prompt is as follows:

In 100 words or less, I want YOU to tell me a story–real or imagined–about overcomimg fear! Did you leave the jerk ex-boyfriend of yours? Did you take that leap of faith out of the plane to skydive? Did you face down that school yard bully? Did you reveal your heart to the one you love most? Did you eat that leftover pizza anyway–even though it’d been in your fridge for at LEAST a week? Entries are due NO later than FRIDAY NOVEMBER 18TH, 2016 AT 11:59PM!!! Winners will be announced on BLACK FRIDAY!!!

MAKE me swoon from your bravery! Make me breathless with your courage! Cuz I want to hear you ROOOOOOARRRRRR!!!

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