Past events

The Moving Center Inaugural Event

Writing allows you to expand your perceptions, not just capture them before the scurry off [...]

Creative Community Convergence 2022!

If an angel asked me where heaven is, I'd point to Victor's rancho. [...]

Get back to where you once belonged

Once there was a way to get back home [...]

The time to hesitate is through!

Our first post-covid writerly thing! [...]

Online writers’ clubbing on Internations

We connected the world. Mission accomplished. [...]

Thank you from the Towers that are leaning out for love!

(And they will lean that way, forever) [...]

Door Prize?

Attend our Sixth Annual Writers' and Creatives's Reunion in Oceanside and win a ... [...]


Our new Coaching Service, and site relaunch discount

"The time to hesitate is through; no time to wallow in the mire." Jim [...]

An Event by Any Other Name…

...would still smell as sweet! [...]

Can You Keep a Secret?

Purple Heart: Herman Johnson. Junk Yard Dog Award: Fred "Raw Man" Rivera [...]


Joy to the world! A true miracle

What if Hell had a fire exit? [...]


And in Local News…Get out your Palouse-leaf notebook

At last Saturday's Moscow's Farmer's Market I got re-acquainted with Ryan Urie, a lad half [...]


Dime after Dime

Literati! A Word with You Press is pleased to announce that we now will be [...]


Paperback writer!

Fetch the chocolate, fetch the champagne. Fetch the peppermint tea! My mystical fantasy, Covenant, is [...]


Derek’s novel Covenant

Greetings Literati, Let us gather around the fire together and tell great stories. Me first? [...]


Printed Matters! Join our Workshops!

Literati!  We are sooo back!  Let Bruce Fischer, new to our staff but seasoned journalist, [...]

Our Inaugural project for 2011

We are free to throw another log on the fire this year and watch the [...]

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