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Free Webinar: How to end your never-ending story

Attend this webinar and learn at least five options you have for ending your novel [...]

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Last of my free writing tutorials

I invite you personally to the last of my free writing tutorials on Friday, September 29, 6:00 p.m. Central [...]

The Moving Center Inaugural Event

Writing allows you to expand your perceptions, not just capture them before the scurry off [...]

Creative Community Convergence 2022!

If an angel asked me where heaven is, I'd point to Victor's rancho.

Get back to where you once belonged

Once there was a way to get back home

The time to hesitate is through!

Our first post-covid writerly thing!

Online writers’ clubbing on Internations

We connected the world. Mission accomplished.

Thank you from the Towers that are leaning out for love!

(And they will lean that way, forever)

Door Prize?

Attend our Sixth Annual Writers' and Creatives's Reunion in Oceanside and win a ...


Our new Coaching Service, and site relaunch discount

"The time to hesitate is through; no time to wallow in the mire." Jim Morrison, [...]

An Event by Any Other Name…

...would still smell as sweet!

Can You Keep a Secret?

Purple Heart: Herman Johnson. Junk Yard Dog Award: Fred "Raw Man" Rivera


Joy to the world! A true miracle

What if Hell had a fire exit?


And in Local News…Get out your Palouse-leaf notebook

At last Saturday's Moscow's Farmer's Market I got re-acquainted with Ryan Urie, a lad half [...]


Dime after Dime

Literati! A Word with You Press is pleased to announce that we now will be [...]


Paperback writer!

Fetch the chocolate, fetch the champagne. Fetch the peppermint tea! My mystical fantasy, Covenant, is [...]


Derek’s novel Covenant

Greetings Literati, Let us gather around the fire together and tell great stories. Me first? [...]


Printed Matters! Join our Workshops!

Literati!  We are sooo back!  Let Bruce Fischer, new to our staff but seasoned journalist, [...]

Our Inaugural project for 2011

We are free to throw another log on the fire this year and watch the [...]